Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Budget 2012

Tomorrow we will find out just how much our livelihoods  will be cut by the national party in order to fund the ill advised tax cuts. with the current crisis in Europe the government  has found an excuse for more cuts to the budget in welfare and education. all of these cuts a quite in line with the National party's reward the rich f**k the poor ideology. the money saved from these cuts is still only a few million dollars but the long term damage is beyond measure. it is no surprise that the National Government is going ahead with it's failed wall street agenda as any government that is run by the rich is expected to do. the cuts that are being made are a return to the days when the rich got the best of everything and the poor had to live in squalor and every budget that this government releases is  another step closer to the conditions of the nineteenth century. conditions that my ancestors came to this country to get away from.