Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Givealittle Give a lot of trouble.

I have recently started a givealittle page to help me fund-raise for a new laptop so I can continue with important projects such as updating this blog. while getting my fundraiser moderated I was questioned about the name I was using. and faced with two options for the profile name both of which were demeaning degrading and transphobic. I have been faced with the option to either use my legal name (not acceptable for obvious reasons) or to refer to my Preferred name as an Alias (which in my opinion is quite degrading.

it is upsetting that even in an age of LGBT acceptance Transgender people are still forced to degrade themselves publicly in order to access the same services that cisgender people take for granted. it is quite upsetting that I have had to take this issue out into the public in order to carry out my fundraiser without having to degrade myself.

I understand that it is difficult to get people to care about such issues as someone usually has to kill themselves in order for the public to care about our rights but regardless I have started a petition to gauge public support for this issue.

For more Information

Link to Petition
Link to Fundraiser