Friday, 12 July 2013

Pakeha Party Tosser abuses Mana member at McStrike Lincoln Road

Not known for his in depth knowledge of history Pakeha party founder David Ruck proved himself to be ignorant of workers rights as well. upon starting the Pakeha party through Facebook David Ruck professed to stand for equality regardless of ethnicity accusing the Mana movement of being biased towards Maori due to their policy to reinstate the Maori affairs housing scheme. in this video bellow taken by Alison Withers who is a member of the Mana movement David Ruck shows his true colours as an uncaring right wing reactionary. should this man be fronting a political party in Aotearoa?

Monday, 8 July 2013

Act on Campus try to Provoke Unite Union Picketers

Last Friday (5/7/13) a Unite union picket line outside Queen street McDonald's was attacked by a small group of university students beveled to be members of the controversial political club Act on Campus. two of the independent media videographers were attacked an unidentified man thought to be associated them. following this he attempted to brawl with members of a local activist group that had come to support the striking workers before leaving the scene amid a police mobilization.