Monday, 31 March 2014

The problem with exclusionary policys

Allowing Feminist individuals or groups not associated with Socialist Aotearoa to bully us into adopting exclusionary policies can be problematic at best and disastrous as an organization that supports all oppressed people we must understand the risk that such actions pose to Transgender and Gender Variant people. Recently individuals who consider themselves Anarcha-Feminists attacked a rape survivor who is a member and then later demanded that she be forced to subscribe to their bourgeoisie feminist ideas. With that in mind I would like to draw your attention a recent incident where an individual who considers herself feminist accused a Transgender woman of sexual misconduct with little to no evidence (Bellow). under an Anarcha-Fem Exclusionary policy anyone accused of sexual misconduct has to be excluded for life regardless of evidence.  
I understand that Anarcha-Feminism is not the same as the notoriously transphobic Radical Feminism (Radfem) however both ideologies are big on Exclusionary policy and both groups have engaged in activities that some socialists (of all genders) have considered man hating. As far as I can tell the only major difference between the two ideologies is the definition of men Anarcha-Fems acknowledge gender identity Radfems do not. However I recently came across a group (the Left Side of Feminism) that claims to be an Anarcha-Feminist group yet is openly Transphobic (Bellow).

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My personal Experiences with Anarcha-Feminists in Auckland have been mixed. In general I have not had much to do with such people especially the most hostile members of that community. When I did however have to work with such people I found them to be very hostile to me when I was still presenting as a boy although such hostility was not continued after I came out as Transgender. I wonder how quickly they would resort to Transphobia if I were to end up in a conflict with a group of Anarcha-Fems.

Also bonus Radfem Transphobia

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