Friday, 13 June 2014

Why I'm not voting for Goff

Phil Goff is a Red Tory with more asset sales under his belt than the Bolger and Key governments combined. he supports Imperialist "free" trade deals and Imperialist slaughter in the middle east. he is responsible for the crippling financial burden that keeps many working class people of my generation from accessing quality tertiary education and adequate accommodation. he owns a high value rural property and public admitted during the 2011 election that he benefited greatly from the 2010 tax cuts. as a Mount Roskill voter I can't in good conscience vote for such person as I feel the very act of voting for Goff would be an insult to all the people who have been negativity effected by policies introduced to Aotearoa by the right wing of the labour party I am aware that first past the post politics that still exists within the electorates requires you to vote for the major party closest to your own (in terms of policy) in order to stop the other major party from wining the electorate but I simply feel that voting for any right wing candidate regardless of political party is an act of betrayal. Instead I will vote for the most Left Wing candidate who stands for the Electorate because I that two party electorate politics is a distraction from the party vote that allows for diversity within parliament and renders the electorate contests as a pointless distraction that is essentially a relic of the dark age parliaments of England. It is my belief that John Minto of the Mana movement is the only suitable left wing candidate and I will vote for him regardless of the consequences to Phil Goffs campaign because a right wing candidate should be opposed by the left regardless of party.

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