Friday, 20 April 2012

Key and Bennett both know that National party's stupid welfare reforms that are nothing more than an attempt to force people to take on any job for any pay. in effect a return to the working conditions of the early nineteenth century. claiming that too many families are welfare dependent  and need to be sent to work instead of stating the fact that there are not enough jobs (good jobs that with guaranteed hours and living wages) is effectively a clue to the national party's true intentions yes they want to create jobs but these jobs will be casualised low wage jobs with most employees working through labour hire company's. national support anything that is good for the business elite allowing each corporation to take as larger cut of the profit as possible while workers are exploited. in order to see where New Zealand is going under the National party you only have to look to Asia, plenty of work but low wages and poverty, and to the early days of the industrial revolution. conditions like these are not the sort that we want for our future. the "Brighter Future" is a lie and all 51 National party MP's (including Banks and Dunne) are liars.


  1. national is supposed to be closing the wage between new zealand and australia but recently we've seen australian business setting up shop over here for the cheap labour... new zealand is the new china. next they'll be installing suicide nets around buildings after denying our superannuation schemes like they did at foxcon

    1. The only wage gap key is interested in closing is the wage gap between New Zealand and China