Thursday, 5 April 2012

Why I don't trust the National party
many people both at the 2008 and 2011 elections voted for John Key and the National part with the belief that the government run by the above would be moderate and not make any major changes except for helping New Zealand out of the "recession"   in my opinion the actual outcome has been about as far removed from what the voters actually wanted as you can possibly get John Key will say something (usually a lie) the voters will believe it and then the National government will do something different that contradicts what was said. 15% GST is the most notable example of this as is the promise that New Zealand will be out of debt by 2014. meanwhile as far as not changing anything goes education, law and order, employment relations, and social welfare. (just to name a few) have been the focus of the National party's "neo-liberal" reforms.
Welfare for example is essential  in any county with significant unemployment however by far the worst part about the welfare reforms is the fact that the people being targeted are solo mothers and people with long term illnesses, people whose ability to work especially under "neo-liberal" conditions  tends to be limited at best, and any other demographics the see as being week enough to exploit for cheep labour.
lastly employment relations are at an all time low under the John Key government with companies such as Talleys and Ports of Auckland choosing to lockout union workers in order to deunionise the workplace allowing the employers alone to dictate working conditions hours and pay.

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